There is beauty in simplicity.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

BLAC. designs timeless, elegant, foliage gardens dominant with architectural lines and bursting with complimentary contrasting textures. Minimalism is fundamental to the design philosophy at BLAC. We focus upon the considered use of space, form, detail of material, scale and human interaction. With an understanding of these elements we then consider how to best create relationships between these qualities to resolve your outdoor space.

We also consider the essence of invisible qualities such as light and wind, and study the effects that these elements will have upon your space, placing immense value in the dynamic theatrics of shadows and movement. In doing so, it allows us to select the most essential materials to form relationships between architecture, landscape and human interaction.



BLAC. offers a design service that encompasses many phases throughout the life of your landscape. From our discovery session through to the completion of the construction of your project ensuring your brief is fulfilled. BLAC. also provide ongoing maintenance so that the design integrity is preserved for years to come.

Our initial meeting is to establish your brief and gain an intimate understanding of your space, how you use, how you wish to use it, your likes and dislikes. Together we will collate your ideal wish list and inspirational images that you may have collated prior to our session. We will then suggest the best design service for you based upon your requirements, and a fee proposal will be submitted for your consideration. Please note we do not disclose our intentions for your landscape during this meeting.

We offer the following design services:




Please contact the studio if you would like to discover which option is best for you.

Design is not making beauty.

Beauty emerges from

selection, infinities, integration and love.

– Louis Kahn


Peta Donaldson

Creative Director 

Multi-award winning Landscape Designer, Peta Donaldson designs gardens bursting with texture, complimentary contrasts and layers of inspiring green. Peta’s priorities lie in the form, function and aesthetic of a garden. “The ultimate consideration is how we can design a garden that will encourage a life outside whilst being surrounded by sustainable beauty”.

Favouring striking combinations of textured evergreen foliage, Peta introduces colour and seasonal variation in the garden through the strategic introduction and placement of floral, deciduous trees and climbers.

Peta’s gardens are fundamentally strong in form, texture and scale, with a focus on the balance between strong architectural lines, meticulous planting and elegant styling. Each design is carefully and professionally managed, respecting the architecture of your home, creating a seamless relationship between both the interior and exterior.

A background in horticulture, marketing and account management has allowed Peta to develop a professional approach to garden design and construction.



Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2016

SILVER MEDAL and WINNER of Best Urban Garden
Australian Garden Show Sydney 2013

Australian Garden Show Sydney 2014

FINALIST LV Boutique Gardens Competition
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2013

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2014

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