handcrafted with love


Our pots originate from the precise hands of small, family owned manufacturers in Vietnam. Each product in our range is made by hand, some are thrown on potting wheels, while others are hand poured into moulds for consistency. Our range is produced in Northern Vietnam in a small village where they have been creating homewares for over 900 years, passing down their skills from generation to generation.



We fire our products using a traditional cubed Vietnamese kiln which creates a firing temperature with an internal variation of up to 10 degrees. Depending upon where an individual piece is placed within the kiln, this 10 degrees impacts the colour intensity and finish of the product, giving each design a unique beauty and point of difference.

Your BLAC piece has its own character, its own quirks, own beauty and is like no other.  It is this uniqueness that defines each and every one of them that is produced. Every piece is individually stamped to guarantee its authenticity.