The silly season in the garden means more champagne and less work. Ensure you have super comfy seats positioned in some dappled shade , or by the pool and toast to the year’s successes with your closest family and friends.

Whilst we are winding down to enjoy the summer holidays, you must prepare your garden for less attention and exposure to more heat.

Unmulched plants dry out four times faster than mulched plants: top up thin areas of the garden with 100 to 150mm of mulch. Head to the tip for a trailer load of fine composted mulch. It will not only reduce weeds and keep moisture to the soil below, but also feed your plants but improve your soil structure. Its seriously good stuff.

Ensure you water in the mornings. It reduces the opportunity for fungal disease to spread. Feed the lawn during a rainstorm in early summer with ‘Scotts Lawn Builder’ or ‘Dynamic Lifter Advanced for lawns’. Continue to apply seaweed solution to the whole garden (leaves and roots) to strengthen plants and make them better able to cope with summer’s heat stress and fungal attack.

On those hideously hot, dry days, spray Yates Drought Shield on tender plants. Put up a beach umbrella on fragile plants like hydrangeas that could get scorched.