There is no doubt that Australians love the outdoors. We live and breath it. We relish the sun and the beach, and seem to make any excuse for a BBQ. However, in the cooler months of the year, we tend to migrate inside into the warmth of our homes. But that’s beginning to change, with the increasing popularity and increased availability of the fire pit.

We love a fire. I would say that we are almost obsessed with it. It obviously provides heat, but more importantly it extends the hours we can spend outside, particularly in those winter months. It’s the social aspect to a fire that is most enjoyable. Not only does a fire provide physical benefits such as warmth and heat, but it tends to influence our behaviour. A fire becomes a social magnet, a central place for congregation as people are attracted to its ambience and relish its glow.

For me, it’s the mesmerising flicker of the flame, the crackling of the wood as it burns, and the familiar smell of smoke as it drifts through the air. It is the ability to spend those crisp cooler nights outside, staring up at clear skies that are literally littered with stars.

Now it seems the fire pit is in its peak of popularity with the ability to have a fire in any sized yard. Even though the make shift fire pit has been around for years, we are without question having a surge of brilliant products at our disposal.

We have access to portable, fold away and woodless fire pits that can accommodate most circumstances.


A portable fire pit such as the Angelina Fire Pit from Robert Plumb is made from durable mild steel that will continue to age gracefully.




The Fire-Away Fire Pit has been designed as a flat pack that simply slots together, so that it can easily be put away when not in use.




Bioethanol fires have cemented themselves as a great alternative within the fire category. Bioethanol itself is a renewable, clean burning energy source that delivers warming heat without the smoke, ash, or embers of a traditional wood fire.  There is no need for a utility connection, which means you can place the fire anywhere within your garden, courtyard, terrace, patio, deck, or entertainment area.



Introducing a fire pit into your garden will change the way you utilise your space. It will allow you more time outside and be the enigmatic draw card at your next social gathering.